Style Guide - Winter Wonderland

November 25, 2014


As we put away the pumpkins and finish up the last of the Halloween candy, it’s undeniable that with the chilly weather winter is coming. The freshness of falling snow and the magical aura of a white winter conjure images of whimsy, magic and hope. At Peppercorn Kids we celebrate uniqueness and individuality, which is why we love snowflakes. Although just one snowstorm will produce billions of them, no two snowflakes are alike!

Inspired by the beauty of youthful wonder our dreamy designs, muted tones and sparkly accents evoke the optimistic feelings of fresh snowy days, a glittering night sky, and a childhood wish. We love to contrast icy cool tones with warm, cozy knits.

We’ve got you covered for indoor festivities too. A sparkly headband is a perfect addition to a sweet party dress and our crystal lace bracelet makes a lovely gift for friends of all ages.

What is your favorite snow day activity? Do you like to make snow angels or go on sleigh rides? Or do you prefer to stay warm inside and watch the snow fall out the window?


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