January 7, 2015

Here at Peppercorn Kids we love to celebrate the diversity of the animal world. We're currently wild about the cats of the animal kingdom, especially. There are many similarities that such cats as the leopard, jaguar and cheetah share, but can you tell their differences?

Here are a few spotty facts about the three:

  • Leopards have a pattern that looks "flower-like"-called rosettes- in large numbers with a slightly different color inside.
  • The markings of Jaguars also include "rosetted dots", but they sometimes have spots in the center as well as a darker, thicker outline. They typically have large rosettes in smaller numbers.
  • Cheetahs have no rosettes, just lots of solid spots!


You can leave your own mark and show off your love for leopard with one of our purple, pink, or natural Leopard Print Purses. Mix and match them with a furry headband or a sassy skinny belt.



Let us know what your favorite WILD animal is! 


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