Girls Style Guide - By Color - RED

December 2, 2014

As the warmest hue on the primary color wheel, red is often associated with love, passion and energy. Like Dorothy's ruby red slippers in "The Wizard of Oz," nothing says glamour like this bold color.

The color red adds a cheerful vibe to even the most simple outfit. Try adding one red accessory like our plaid headband or graphic necktie to your look for a hint of color.

The color red has many associations. Here are a few interesting facts:

In many cultures, the color red symbolizes beauty.

We typically associate red carpets for movie premieres and other Hollywood events. The concept of rolling out a red carpet for a special event dates back to ancient Greece!

There are 23 varieties of red Crayola crayons.

The folktale "Little Red Riding Hood" was first published in the 17th century but it's origins are thought to be much older-- as far back as the 1st century!

The color red is featured on over 70% of country flags.

There are many red characters such as Elmo and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Even Winnie-the-Pooh and Mickey and Minnie Mouse wear red clothing.



Whether you prefer the brightness of a scarlet tone or a more subdued burgundy, red is a classic color that will always be in style.


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