Girls Style Guide - By Color - PURPLE

November 12, 2014

From soft lavender to deep indigo and everything in between, purple is a versatile color that fits every mood. At Peppercorn Kids, we have purple accessories to suit any style. Our cozy beanies, unique beaded bracelets and even our funky neckties are definite standouts.

Did you know...

Purple is often considered the color of royalty and nobility. In ancient times, purple dye was so rare and costly to create that only the wealthiest, royal people could wear it.

Because it is a combination of a warm color (red) and a cool color (blue) purple is known to inspire creativity and calmness.

Amethyst, a type of quartz, comes in various shades of purple. This gem has been found all over the world including South America, Africa and the United States.

There are many purple flowers and plants. Lavender, violets, lilacs, irises, orchids, wisterias are particularly known for their pretty purple tones.

While grapes, plums and eggplant are common, other purple fruits and vegetables include purple carrots, purple peppers, purple potatoes, purple asparagus and even purple cauliflower!

Purple is prevalent in pop culture too! More than fifty years after its first publication, the children's book Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson remains a family favorite.

No matter how you incorporate purple into your life, you will be on trend!


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