Girls Style Guide - By Color - PINK

November 4, 2014

In the color world, Pink is the " Rock Star". Here at Peppercorn Kids, we love accessorizing with all things pink. Check out our picks for holiday gifts in this popular color.


Here are some fun "PINK" facts:


Pink is named after frilly flowering plants called pinks. The plant is mostly native to Europe and Asia.

Crayola first introduced a pink crayon in 1949 called "Carnation Pink".

Pink crystals and gemstones are known to stimulate peace, joy and happiness. Some include pink tourmaline, rose quartz, morganite and rhodonite.

Lighter pinks are calming while darker pinks like magenta are known to be energizing.

June 23 is known as "National Pink Day".

Bubble gum got its signature color because pink was the only food coloring in the factory the day the chewy treat was invented.

Although pink is stereotyped as a girls color, and blue for boys, that wasn't always so. Up until the mid 1900s, it was the opposite. We think pink is great for all Peppercorn Kids! Boys and girls!

What is your favorite way to wear pink? Do you prefer soft pastels or spunky fuchsia, or something in between?


Fuschia is my favorite because it brightens my day! :)
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